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20 Gift Ideas For The Best Grandpa Ever

gift ideas for grandfather

Scratching your head when it comes to getting something fun and thoughtful for your grandpa?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Here is a list of gifts for grandpas that will make them smile.

1. I Couldn’t Pick A Better Grandpa Guitar Pick

Gift Ideas for GrandpGaLet your grandpa know how much you love him with this stainless steel unique guitar pick.  Perfect for the grandpas that play the guitar or love music.



2. How To Babysit a Grandpa Book

Gift Ideas for GrandpaGrandpa doesn’t always have to be the one babysitting the grandkids.  With this New York Times bestselling picture book, now the grandkids will get a chance to learn how to babysit the grandpa.  It comes in Kindle, hardcover and board book. This is a great way to bond with your grandpa.




3. Grandpa Keychain

Gift Ideas for GrandpaThis Grandpa keychain has a ruler, hammer and screw wrench on it which is perfect for any grandpa that enjoys working with tools.  Show him how much you appreciate all the times he has helped you out over the years.



4. Funny Grandpa Shirt

Gift Ideas for GrandpaDo you have a grandpa that lets you get away with just anything?  Get him this “they call me grandpa because partner in crime makes me sound like a bad influence”.  He will surely appreciate it.



5. Willow Tree Grandfather Hand Painted Sculpture Figure

Gift Ideas for GrandpaGet your grandpa this 6″ height hand-painted sculpture that represents love, closeness, healing, courage, hope and emotions of a life well lived.  It comes with the card with the words “bridging generations with ageless love” written on it.




6. Pop’s Coffee Spoon

Gift Ideas for GrandpaDoes your grandpa enjoy a cup of coffee first thing in the morning?  Let him know you’re thinking of him by getting him this high quality stainless personalized coffee spoon.




7. Grandpa is Grillin’ Apron

Gift Ideas for GrandpaIf your grandpa loves grilling, then this fully adjustable strap apron is the perfect gift for him to protect the clothes from spills and splatters. 




8. Grandpa Will Fix It Mug

Gift Ideas for GrandpaDo you have a handy grandpa who loves to fix things around the house?  Then this coffee/tea mug is the perfect gift for him to thank him for all that things he’s fixed for you.




9. Best Grandpa Golf Shirt

Gift Ideas for GrandpaGive your grandpa this funny, quirky t-shirt to show off to his friends when he goes golfing with them.  It is a great gift for the greatest man in your life who deserves a trendy novelty distressed shirt.




10. Sportula

Gift Ideas for GrandpaYou can’t just get your grandpa the grilling apron without this sportula. 

This sportula is a heavy duty bbq grill tool with a convenient bottle opener at the end.




11. Promoted To Grandpa Picture Frame

Gift Ideas for GrandpaGive your grandpa this classic picture frame to display the 3 generations of love.  It is also a great way to let the soon-to-be-grandpa know that you’re expecting.



12. “I Love You, Grandpa” Book

Gift Ideas for GrandpaLittle Bear is getting older and ready for new adventures with the help of Grandpa Bear.  This heartwarming picture book will help show little ones that it’s okay to be afraid – and that sometimes, love is all you need to be brave.

Vibrant illustrations and easy-to-read text make this a perfect story for young readers to practice reading aloud.



13. Engraved Wood Handle Steel Hammer

Gift Ideas for GrandpaThis engraved hammer is not only functional but is also sentimental to the man who has helped you with your life.



14. Multi-Purpose Tool Knife

Gift Ideas for GrandpaShow your grandpa that he is #1 by giving him this 9-function multi-purpose tool knife that contains scissors, two screwdrivers, corkscrew, saw blade, bottle opener, file, one knife blade and a punch.



15. Awesome Grandpa Hat

Gift Ideas for GrandpaGive your grandpa this adjustable, one size fits all cap that he can wear daily to show how awesome he is.  Or if he has a bad hair day and just wants to cover it.




16. Welcome Garden Stone

Gift Ideas for GrandpaIt’s no secret that granparents love to spoil their grandchildren.  Get them this funny welcome high-quality resin stone to show that they are welcome anytime, but the parents, on the other hand, need to make an apppointment. 



17. You’re Only Old Once Book

Gift Ideas for GrandpaIn this classic picture-book ode to aging, readers will laugh with familiar horror at the poking and prodding and testing and ogling that go hand in hand with the dreaded appellation of “senior citizen.”  Though Dr. Seuss is known for his peerless work in books for children, this comical look at what it’s like to get older is ideal for Seuss fans of advanced years. In his own words, this is “a book for obsolete children.”



18. Grandpa Funny Socks

Gift Ideas for GrandpaThese funny socks are the perfect addition to your grandpa’s sock drawer.  With comfort tow seam and moisture management to help keep his feet warm and dry.




19. House Rules Wooden Sign

Gift Ideas for GrandpaIt’s no secret that grandparents love to spoil their grandkids.  Get them this house rules wooden sign to hang to show how fun it always is at the grandparents’.



17.  If Grandpa Can’t Fix It Shirt

Gift Ideas for GrandpaDo you have a grandpa that can fix just about anything?  Give him this shirt to let him know how great he is at fixing everything and without him, you’d be lost.





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